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Helping Children with the Resources needed to become Healthy and Successful.

A Child's Dream-CA Holiday Outreach 2023


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Lisa Villarreal, Owner & CEO
Lily Jack

I am so proud of you and your amazing team for coming through for your community, even though the most difficult and trying times!!! You are all an inspiration to us all!!! I am here to always support you - and lift you up!

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Bryce Sprecher, President & CEO Summa International

We love supporting your cause, Cassandra.  We need more of you in America!!  Can you run for Governor? please and help with the horrible homeless crisis?   Thanks for all you do. Let’s do more and be better, I can't wait.

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Nicole Wood, Vice President,  Summa International

Amazing people like YOU are who make the world go round and we need more of you in this world. Thank you for being an active member of your community and for taking the time to give back. I know how much goes into planning an event like this, you and your team are remarkable. I am happy that we can support you and your team's efforts! 


  • Our Supporters

  • Resource Vendors

  • Councilman Bonin

  • Assemblyman Isaac Bryan

  • Volunteers

  • Allies for EveryChild

  •  ACD-CA Core Group


For helping to make our Annual Outreach Events a success!

Your continued support will help us reach more children and continue to serve the community.

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