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“A Child’s Dream is an extension of Living Waters-West L.A. nonprofit;" says Founder/CEO, Cassandra Steptoe-Sampson,  we must continue to realize the needs of our underserved communities and maintain compassion for our children." A Child's Dream continues to harvest relationships and transparency in order to gain trust and support from our sponsors which help enable our efforts.


"What we could not do alone--We do Together". Collectively we are able to maximize our outreach efforts which give us the ability to connect to those in need of tangible enrichment; while simultaneously continuing to build a strong network of affiliates, sponsors, and community partnerships.

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Child Wellness in All Areas of their Lives... (Read some important facts)


A Child's Dream-CA (ACDCA) helps to provide resources needed for children to become healthy and responsible citizens in their communities. 


ACDCA hosts two Annual 1-Day Outreach Events from 11:00 am - 2:00pm at the Culver City Teen Center facility in Culver City, California.


The first is the Back-to-School Outreach held in August where children (K-12) in need are provided with free backpacks (school supplies, personal hygiene products) along with shoes and haircuts. 


A second event, the Holiday Outreach held in December is structured the same and includes canned goods, nutritional snacks and holiday gifts included as part of what the children receive.