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Cassandra Steptoe-Sampson-Founder/CEO
Cassandra is known for her zeal and compassion for children’s issues and it shows through her work efforts serving the needs of families and children throughout South-Central LA, Culver City, Wilmington, El Monte, North Hollywood and beyond.  Her focus, compassion, and determination inspired her to find solutions for children in need and created an organization A Child’s Dream-CA.  Since its conception, Cassandra has been able to assist many children and families each year.  The charity has been able to successfully make a big impact within the community during its annual events. Families have arrived as early as 4 o’clock in the morning to line up to receive items from both “The Annual Back to School Day” and “The Holiday Outreach Event”.
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To our Founder,

Cassandra Steptoe-Sampson-Recipient of 2019  L.O.V.E. Philanthropy Award (Ladies Operating Very Effectively)  Click to View Video Highlights of this event.

As a mother, Cassandra’s commitment to raising her children above the stigma associated with being a single teenage mother caused her to put her in faith in God, and know that along with hard work and dedication you can overcome any adversity.  The challenge was not easy, and there were many setbacks, yet there were family members and friends who continued to encourage her.  Her faith in God continued to grow as did her inspiration to help children. In 1985 this lead to Cassandra and her children joining a growing ministry, where she became involved in their Food Program.  This Program grew to later include several annual special outreach events.  It was during this time that Cassandra began to understand and identify with other single parents.  She realized her own frustrations of being a single mother and the pressure associated with the lack of adequate resources available and more importantly how that affected her relationship with her two children.  Cassandra firmly believes that “if the primary care-provider knows that they have someone walking beside them as they prepare their children for the essential needs of life, they will be less likely to take out their own frustration on their children”.  She believes that one of the major reasons for child abuse is the lack of resources within the home and the community. It is not necessarily because the parent does not love their children.


In 2006, Cassandra launched a new Ministry, Living Waters – West L.A., located at The Veterans Memorial Building in Culver City, California.  The passion to impact lives grew.  She shared her vision with her congregation and the work began.  Four Random Acts of Kindness quickly turned into two large Events (Back to School and Holiday Outreach).


In 2013, the Outreach was renamed to, A Child’s Dream-CA; for it is every child’s dream to be loved, protected, and cared for.  Our 2013 Back to School Outreach, served over 800 people.  In a single day, we provided backpacks filled with school supplies, new shoes, clothing, hygiene products and so much more.  Some of our donors to name a few are World Vision’s The Storehouse, Good 360, Soles4Souls, Lily Jack, Mitch Zerg & Associates, My Stuff Bag Foundation, Project Dynamics, I.C.W.C.A .and dozens more. They have joined in with A Child’s Dream in touching lives. Successfully, each event attracts more donors and volunteers who want to be a part of this amazing project, and we are very thankful to all! 


During our Holiday Program, A Child’s Dream-CA provides toys, clothing and other items children in need may not otherwise receive. Toys are delivered by the Culver City Fire Department who partners annually with Spark of Love. The delivery of toys on Fire Trucks sparks excitement in both the children and adults.  The holidays can be especially hard on families who are barely getting by. More importantly, we feel we not only provide toys and clothing but we also provide hope!  We are our brother’s keeper!!


Cassandra couldn’t be happier that her two children have chosen to serve God through serving others.  “My children and I worked the Food Program at our previous church for many years; it is no wonder that they share my passion in meeting the needs of others”. 

One of Cassandra’s greatest joys comes from the many smiles on children’s faces, and the thanks she receives from those who know her mission.  “Our mission is clear, to see to the essential needs of individuals through practical means; one child, one family, one community at a time!”


“It is my desire to expand our efforts to stand ready to assist families all year round; we are committed to being a joyous part of every child we are able to reach; that is my Dream”!

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