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Board Members

Cassandra Steptoe-Sampson


Cassandra's zeal and compassion for children's issues led her to create A Child's Dream-CA (ACDCA), a charity that has assisted hundreds of children and families each year. The charity's annual events, such as the Annual Back to School Outreach and the Holiday Outreach Event, have been a big hit with families, with some arriving as early as 4 a.m. to receive items.

Chris Steptoe

Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer


Chris Steptoe is no stranger to outreach. Attending church right in the heart of South-Central Los Angeles, near Florence and Normandie, afforded her the opportunity to learn first-hand from her Pastor and mother the importance of giving back. Chris said, "I never knew there was such a need for food, clothing, and basic necessities in the LA area other than South Central, East L.A., or even skid row. It is amazing to see the work of Pastor Cassandra and A Child's Dream-CA".

Dana Andrews

Planning Manager


Dana is an awesome father and sportsman.  Understanding the perils of the street, Dana has had his own struggles as a youth in South- Central L.A. and was very fortunate to have the strong support of his family and the Boys Scout of America.  Dana went on to get his degree in electric engineering at ITT Technical College. Dana is a 3-generation master electrician. Dana enjoys archery, cooking, and music (he is a skilled guitar player).  It is Dana's past that has him driven to participate in the lives of our youth, especially our sons.

Dana says, “Keeping hope alive is real! I was blown away to see how the children were eager to listen as I gave them instructions prior to the start of our Holiday Outreach. Each child just wants to know that they matter, that they are special. Part of my responsibility is to help keep the children safe during each event, from start to finish. This task is not always easy, but it is well worth it!"

Sheree' M. Bielecki, M.ED

Director of Community Events


Sheree’ Bielecki is the Director of Community Events at A Child’s Dream-CA. She has 16+ years of experience in the fields of K-12 education and higher education and working with high-risk and underserved populations where access to educational resources is limited.  She has extensive know-how in designing and creating educational curriculum and programs for educational and non-profit organizations.


In addition to her experience in the field of education, Sheree has 20+ years of experience working with community-based non-profit organizations. She has worked with teams of people in creating food and clothing programs, after-school tutoring and homework help programs, arts programs, mentoring programs, cultural programs for churches, schools, and other businesses, and volunteering her time as needed. She has extensive knowledge of the people and cultures that constitute the population of South Los Angeles and other underserved communities in Los Angeles County.


Sheree received her Bachelor’s degree in Ethnic Studies at California State University, Northridge, Master’s degree in Education at Pepperdine University, and is currently working on her Ed.D in Organizational Leadership at Pepperdine University. Sheree says, “My main goal is to be a positive role model and leader for youth and young adults and continue to build positive relationships with organizations that help underserved communities.”

Thom Jeffress

Donation Procurement Specialist


I first volunteered for a Child's Dream-CA in 2010 only to support my friend Cassandra Sampson and that's all it took, I was hooked. I wanted to do more so I joined the board shortly thereafter. I absolutely love being able to help the kids. I love seeing the smiles on their faces when they come in to get their backpacks to go back to school or a gift at the holiday outreach or even personal hygiene products and socks.  It makes them extremely happy! And that’s what makes it worthwhile for me.  These children are our future; doctors, nurses, scientists, leaders, Presidents... and we need to support them now so they can start life minus one struggle.   

Alexis Howe

Director of Marketing and Development

Alexis Howe joined A Child’s Dream after helping to support various efforts of our organization for many years. Alexis’s approach to everything in her life stems from her belief that you must build and maintain strong relationships in every area; whether it be in your household, community, schools, or the private business sector. “People want to feel included in making changes. You just have to know how to reach out for support and get them excited to be involved in, not only their own community but any area where they can evoke progress.” Mrs. Howe’s previous philanthropic efforts have been geared towards those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, which so often stems from a lack of positive influence at an early age. “I am excited for the opportunity to be involved in creating possibilities for the under-served children, who ultimately have so much to offer.”


Laila G

A Child's Dream Ambassador


Ambassador and granddaughter to its’ Founder, Cassandra Steptoe-Sampson. Laila is eager to assist, generous, and full of faith that each event will be a child's dream!

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